Major NPCs

The following are the most well-known individuals within the Kingdom. Anyone who has lived within the Kingdom for a few years knows of these people (the notable exception being the Tribesman and the Deep Dwarves).

Redgorn, Mage-King of Caillou

General McKlaggen, General

Pavel Cooperson, Colonel of Oruth

Snugug Bularz, Colonel of Charan

Name, Colonel of Cynald

Name, Colonel of Davelli

Name, Colonel of Llawafyn

Erlend, High Priest of Pelor

Malthu Lurkul, High Priest of Erathis

Violet Ferndale, High Priest of Avandra

Valalanna, High Priest of Sehanine

Asgrim, High Priest of Kord

Vhoadan Kelpor, High Priest of Corellon

Name, High Priest of Melora

Name, High Priest of Ioun

Name, Master of Magi

Name, Duke of Llawafyn

Name, Duke of Oruth

Name, Duke of Davelli

Name, Duke of Charan

Name, Duke of Cynald

Name, Merchants Guildmaster

Griffo Cotton, The Teamsters Guildmaster

Name, The Mercenary Guildmaster

Name, The Metalworkers Guildmaster

Name, The Craftsman Guildmaster

Name, Foreman of the Ironholdt

Name, Prince of the Feywild Forest

Major NPCs

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