Deep Dwarves

All of the dwarves of the Ironholdt Mountains have culturally regressed because of their isolation and distinct xenophobia (even for clannish dwarves). Nowhere is this more pronounced then amongst the Deep Dwarves.

Through mining accidents, religious pilgrimages, cultural schisms, etc. there are small pockets of dwarven communities deep underground. Many of these dwarves have never seen the surface. Their isolation have turned them into an odd, disparate culture. Their use of technology has regressed to the point of tribalism. Moradin is no longer specifically worshipped, although the Shaman know of his existence and give him the respect he is due. But these dwarves have tapped a more basic, fundamental, or elemental source of power arising from the earth.

Deep dwarves do not, as a general rule, turn out arcane adepts. Nor do they turn out divine devotee’s (although Runepriests do exist amongst some of these bands, but have devolved somewhat into use of mystical tattoo’s to express their power. Instead, deep dwarves are Shaman, Druids, Wardens, Barbarians, and Seekers. Some are simply Fighters, Rangers, and Warlords.

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Deep Dwarves

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