Tradesman Row

Tradesman Row has become a misnomer as it has expanded to more then just a row through the Caillou City. The Row once bisected the city, running East and West, terminating at the Western end at The Keep and the Eastern end and the East Gate of the Old City Walls.

The merchants, artisans, and craftsman lived to the North and South of the row, depending on their social status. To the South was The Hives and the region between Tradesman Row and The Hives soon became home to the lower and lower middle class of junior guildsmen and laborers. To the North was the Temple District and the College of Magi. Citizens living in this region soon were the middle and upper middle class of senior guildsman and minor officials.

About 200 years after King Caillou’s death, the city had been expanding beyond the walls into the plains and more solid portions of the Redfern Swamp. The High Council decided to build new outer walls of the city. These walls were built 15’ thick and 35’ high, with two gates: the Northeast Gate and Southeast Gate. The new crescent of city between the now Old City Walls, soon referred to as Tradesman Row as the area was already dominated by tradesman, craftsman, and laborers who moved outside the city walls as there wasn’t room for them to live and set up shop.

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Tradesman Row

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