There have been rumors in the main cities of various dangers and threats growing in the provinces and kingdom.

In the Redfern Valley there have been increasing reports of attacks on isolated farmsteads.

Along the lower Bronzefey River the tribesman have reported diminished hunting, especially near the Southern side of the Leytor Hills. The Shaman have whispered of a war brewing between Grandfather Coyote and Grandmother Spider.

In the Neveril Woods headlands, scouts and woodsmen have reported seeing bizarre creatures lurking in the shadow of the woods.

An Eladrin noble visiting the Court of the Elven Prince has gone missing. It has been the talk of the Feywild Forest that the Prince is greatly embarrassed.

There are the fairly routine skirmishes of raiding parties of hobgoblins, gnolls, orcs, ogres, and other goblinoid/humanoid monstrous races out of the Talonfrey Wilds towards Oruth and Charan.

Tension has been growing between Davelli and Llawafyn over fishing grounds in the Bay.

There is general concern amongst the High Council over the age of the king and who will succeed him on the throne. The High Priest of Pelor is always considered a front runner. The heads of the Trade Guilds are negotiating who will be their candidate, as it has been awhile since a Guild Master was elected King

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