The first major settlement established by the Kingdom after Caillou City. It is located along a small river, almost a stream, flowing out of the Talonfrey Wilds and into the Redfern Swamp. It was established as a defensive fortification, controlling the gap between the Talonfrey Mountains and Leytor Hills.

The lands around it are not particularly fertile, nor broad lands for farming. Instead, it focuses on defenses and a well-trained militia. Its population’s food needs must be subsidized by Caillou City, the farms of the Redfern Valley, and the farms of the Duchy of Davelli.

Given Oruth’s roll as a defensive fortification to protect the narrow passage between Caillou City and the lower Redfern Valley to the Davelli Ducal Province, all residents in the area are mandatory members of the militia. Characters from this ducal province can choose either to take a proficiency in military melee, military ranged, medium armor, or a +2 bonus to Athletics due to all of the militia training.

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