Merchants Guild

The Merchants Guild was the first organized guild in the Kingdom. It started out as organizers of Caravans over Highdwellers Pass and then smaller caravans to the various Ducal Keeps. As Caillou City grew, some members set up shop as importers and exporters of goods.

Members do not get along well with Teamsters Guild and Craftsman Guild. They do not like the Teamsters because their members use to be part of the Merchants’ rank and file: laborers, haulers, dockworkers, etc. But with the help of the future Duke of Charan, the Teamsters won their independent status.

They do not get along with the Craftsman Guild for reasons similar to the Teamsters Guild. After the formation of the Merchants Guild, only their members were allowed to operate shops in the city. But after a generation of this arrangement, the craftsmen revolted against this arrangement. They were slowly being reduced to skilled serfs as The Merchants were colluding to drive down prices of the goods they were buying. But on the other side, they were slowly raising prices at which they were selling the same goods.

The Craftsman sought allies from the Religious Orders, who were undertaking vast building projects. The Craftsman enticed the high priests with the carrot of lower prices. After a vote on the High Council, the Craftsman Guild won a royal charter.

The Merchants Guild principle ally is the Mercenary Guild as they often hire its members as caravan guards.

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Merchants Guild

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