Llawafyn Keep in located on the Eastern side of the mouth of the bay. Members of the Ducal Family are Half Elves, who will occasionally inter-marry with the other noble families or the Elves of the Feywild Forest.

The lands around the Keep and the headlands overlooking the Trackless Sea are not particularly fertile, as the ground tends towards rockiness. But pasturage, hunting, and trapping is good in the lands around and at the edges of the Neveril Woods. But the people around Llawafyn Keep are primarily seafaring folk, fishing the deep waters near the cliff-faces East along the headlands.

Individuals who grew up within the Llawafyn Ducal Province are skilled mariners, they can choose to take a +3 to Acrobatics, Athletics, or Nature while at sea or on a boat. They also gain as a bonus language: Elven.

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