Ironholdt Mountains

The Ironholdt Mountains are about a 1-month ride from Caillou City. The run WSW by ENE and mark the Southern boundary of the Kingdom of Caillou. The range itself is not very tall, but the geography is rugged. It has many box canyons and false trails ending in 200-foot high escarpments.

While there are probably many woodsmen tracks heading over the mountains, there are two known passes. The most popular is Deepdwellers Pass, which is maintained by the dwarves. On the Northern end of the pass is town of Deep Toll, operated by the Ironholdt Clan. The dwarves man a checkpoint where all who enter or leave the pass must pay a toll. The toll funds the maintenance of the pass. It is also the gateway for dwarven goods from the Ironholdt to reach the larger market.

The second pass, Highdwellers Pass was a weeks’ travel to the East of Deep Toll. The other notable feature of the range is Redfern Falls, which forms the start of the Redfern River. These majestic falls descend 520 feet down the escarpment East of the elevator at Highdwellers Pass.

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Ironholdt Mountains

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