House Rules

Not too many house rules. The over-arcing rule is the “Rule of Yes, But”. If you want to do something, I will try to tell you “yes” or “yes, but”. I want you to be creative at the table and not performing the same set of attacks every encounter or using the same skills every encounter.

This also include the Rule of Reasonable Assumptions. If your in a bar fight, assume you can throw a mug of ale. If your in the woods, assume you can climb a tree or pick up an improvised club. If your in a desert, there is plenty of sand/dirt to throw into eyes. If your in a cavern, assume there are plenty of rocks to throw.

Second, during any session I will handout up to 10 roleplaying bonus tokens to any player who does excellent roleplaying. A player may use the token at any time to add +5 to any d20 roll. For each token in the player’s possession at the end of the session gains 50xp * level. Example.

Third, during a short rest, any character can spend 5 healing surges to recharge a daily power.

Fourth, if a skill check exceeds a DC 5, you gain an extra success. Alternatively, if you roll a natural 20 on a skill check and the total check value creates a success, then you gain an extra success. Example.

Also, during combat most skill checks that attempt to disarm something, use terrain, etc. are a minor action. But if the use of skill check results in movement then it costs a move action. If it results in damage or an attack roll, then it costs a standard action. Special checks for skills as listed in the PHB are treated normally.

Natural 20s on skill checks in combat are an automatic success, Natural 1s are an automatic failure. Out of combat neither are automatic successes or failures.

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House Rules

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