The scribes tell you the Kingdom of Caillou was established 300 years ago by a Caillou, a Human Pelorian Paladin. In reality Caillou built a small temple to Pelor in a sheltered bay next to the Trackless Sea. The area’s human hunter-gatherer tribes would come to the bay for its excellent fishing. Soon Caillou had converts from these peoples. Over the next 25 years, merchant caravans, Pelorian priests, travelers, and others gathered under the protection of Caillou. In his 55th year and 20 years after building his temple, Caillou was acclaimed King! He ruled for another 15 years, when he died of old-age at 70.

He died without an heir. However, prior to his death he declared that his successor should be chosen by a simple majority vote of the 5 Dukes, 5 High Priests, 5 Guild Masters, and the Master of Magi. These represent the major stake-holders in Caillou society and form the High Council.

Over the next 300 years, there have been a succession of kings. At first they were chosen from the High Priests as Caillou was the High Priest of Pelor when he was acclaimed King. Then it went back and forth between the Dukes and the Guild Masters depending on whether the Kingdom needed to add new lands or develop trade. However, regardless of who was King the Master of Magi was always the Chancellor because of his role of tie-breaker.

The last election was some time ago, no-one can be quite sure. But everyone was sure that it resulted in a tie, at first. The 5 Dukes, 5 High Priests, and the 5 Guild Masters were lined up behind their own candidate. The Master of Magi, Redgorn, had recently been installed in his post by his brethren and had no allegiance to the 3 candidates. But Redgorn was young and ambitious.

Facing the first hung election and the prospect of civil war, Redgorn used his position, heretofore obscurity, and political guile to be elected Caillou’s first ever Mage-King. As Mage-King he handpicked his successor as Master of Magi, but did not elevate anyone to Chancellor. Instead he installed a cabinet, consisting of the three candidates who had deadlocked the election.

Redgorn has been Mage-King for as long as anyone can remember. His rule has generally been quiet, prosperous, and peaceful. But now he is starting to show signs of his age. He is still mentally sharp and the kingdom is united. But his body is noticeably aging. Each winter, the Mage-King can be heard coughing in his chambers.

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