The halflings of the Kingdom of Caillou have lived in the region long before Caillou built his first temple. They are generally pastoral, known for having small farming communities along Redfern Valley. In the early days, they provided a lot of the foodstuffs for Caillou City and were a source of trade with merchants. Halflings are naturally adept on the water, as they sail their barges of foodstuff and goods down the Redfern River that empties into the bay next to Caillou City.

Halfling communities are generally self-sufficient with their own craftsmen (blacksmiths, silversmiths, millers, and brewers) and constabulary. They recognize the authority of the King, but have generally enjoyed autonomy within their communities. They do not require many resources from the King or the nobles, but provide tax revenue to access the docks at Caillou City.

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