The namesake of this Duchy was Cynald, a Knight Errant of Erathis.

Cynald Keep is found along the banks of the Redfern River in the South-Central Redfern Valley. It provides protection for the smaller villages and homesteads of the valley and the Uplands. It collects tolls from the trade traveling the River.

The current Duke of Cynald is Nathon Cynald, the 15th Duke.

With the higher halflings population in the Redfern Valley, the residents of the Valley have become adept at dealing with the charismatic population. Characters from this Ducal province can choose either Diplomacy or Insight as a class skill, a +2 in Diplomacy or Insight, or the Encounter Power: Say Again, Immediate Reaction, Trigger: Fail a social skill check (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate), Effect: Reroll, take the second result even if its lower.

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