Coyote Tribe

Coyote Tribe

This tribe is unlike the others. They don’t travel together in large groups like the other Tribesman. Instead, they are dispersed throughout the land, found amongst the other tribes or alone in the wilderness. Members of this tribe must take a class with a Primal power source, or be considered an outcast. Coyote’s tend to be advisors and spiritual leaders where-ever they are found.

There can be tension between Coyotes and Salmon shaman and Druids. The Salmon Tribe looks towards the earth for power, whereas the Coyote Tribe looks towards the heavens and the stars for power. Many a Coyote will spend the all night staring at the heavens, drinking in the vastness.

A member of the Coyote tribe can choose to take a +2 to Religion, Religion as a class skill, or the Daily Power: Star’s Radiance, Minor Action, Target: 1 Creature within 10, Effect: Vulnerable 5 Radiant until the end of your next turn.

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Coyote Tribe

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