The newest established Duchy, it’s keep was built at the lower end of the Bronzefey River. It was hoped that the Duchy could expand civilization to this previously wild area. It was also hoped that it would strengthen alliances with the dwarves of Ironholdt. Practically, it helps protect caravans from Deep Toll through the wilds into the upper Redfern Valley and passage to the North.

There is little arable land within this Ducal Province. People living here earn a living through hunting, trapping, and guiding caravans to and from the Redfern Valley. They are generally rugged individuals who often have to protect themselves, their families, and communities from attacks of monstrous humanoids out of the Bronzefey River Wilds and the Talonfrey Wilds.

Individuals raised within the Charan Ducal Province gain a bonus language: Dwarven due to their close proximity to Deep Toll. They may also choose to take a +2 to Nature or Nature as a class skill due to the region’s reliance on hunting and trapping. They also gain a +2 bonus to Thievery when attempting to create, make, or lay a trap.

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